Softlon® Tube – Refrigeration Pipe

Softlon® Tube is preformed tube insulation AC and refrigeration systems for copper pipes. It is made from closed cell Physically Crosslinked (irradiation), polyolefin foam with a lower thermal conductivity than any other flexible insulation material, almost zero vapour permeability. Softlon® Tube provides superior energy saving performance, fast and simple installation.

Product Features

  • Lowest thermal conductivity (0.032 W/mK) ensures excellent thermal resistance at small thicknesses
  • Closed cell structure with almost zero water absorption
  • High vapour permeability resistance factor
  • Wide temperature range (-80 oC to 100 oC for S type and up to 120 oC for NF grade)
  • Very low shrinkage
  • High flexibility and conformability allows easy installation
  • Surface coverings provide protection against damage


  • Excellent Thermal Insulation, very low thermal conductivity
  • Flexibility, easy to convert
  • Heat—Durability
  • Workability easy installation
  • Dimensional Precision
  • Non-absorbency
  • Green Building Compliant
  • Low (VOC)
  • Made without Ozone destroying agents such as CFCs or HCFCs.
  • ISO 14000