Softlon® – PXL polyolefin foam


  • Softlon® is a physically cross linked closed cell polyolefin foam that is lightweight, environmentally friendly, and extremely versatile. The fine, closed-cell product, is available in continuous rolls or sheets, and has two smooth skins making it very easy to fabricate.
  • Sekisui released Softlon® in 1965, thus pioneering the development of cross linked polyolefin foam using the unique irradiated cross-linking technology.
  • Softlon® has numerous special characteristics that make it an ideal cost effective solution for an unlimited range of applications.


Major characteristics of Softlon® foams include:

  • fine quality appearance
  • closed cell
  • excellent thermal insulation – very low thermal conductivity
  • non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  • very lightweight
  • excellent mechanical properties
  • wide temperature resistance – from -80°C up to 120°C
  • negligible water absorption
  • low water vapour transmission
  • excellent chemical resistance
  • good weathering resistance
  • excellent gauge (thickness) control
  • easy to convert eg die-cut, water jet-cut, slit
  • vacuum form, press-mould, laminate or weld to almost any shape


Size Availability

  • Softlon® is available in both rolls and sheets in thicknesses from 0.8mm to 64mm.