Softlon® – Roofing Insulation

Softlon® Insulated sheet metal is ready-made for interior and exterior construction. It is produced with high technology by using heat to attach the metal sheet to SOFTLON. HEAT LAMINATION process is utilized to enhance the metal sheet’s insulator, steam resistance and soundproofs features.

There are many benefits in using Softlon® insulated sheet metal as a value added roofing composite These benefits include:

  • Reduced cooling and heating loads, greatly contributing to energy efficiency.
  • Prevention of moisture condensation on inner face, extending the buildings life.
  • Stable heat insulating performance even in high humidity environments.
  • Cost and time savings on installation
  • Noise insulation effects, for example, dampening of drumming noise.
  • Improved safety of work, and no health hazard.
  • Improved aesthetics.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and solvent resistance.
  • Enhanced corrosion protection.


  • Softlon® Insulated sheet metal made from physically cross-linked closed cell polyolefin foam.
  • Excellent heat insulation with a lower thermal Conductivity (0.032 W/mK) than any other flexible insulation material, an almost zero vapour permeability.
  • Softlon® Insulated sheet metal has elongation suitable for installation and provides superior energy saving performance.
  • Rain sound preventing effect
  • Available for either laminating with adhesive
  • Prevention of dew condensation
  • Lightweight